Chulu East Peak Climbing

Chulu East Peak ClimbingChulu East lying south east of Chulu West is comparatively smaller peak. The peak together with the Chulu West forms an integral part of the Manang Himal that turn in included in the Damodar Himal. The peak first ascended by a German expedition team in 1955 via the north East Ridge. The peak is tough and familiar for adventure seekers. The North-East Ridge is considered the normal route to climb this peak from a Base Camp on the moranis at 5334m (17500ft). Most climbers make it to the top and back from Base Camp in one long day although some have, in the past, established a higher camp somewhere below the peak. Another subsidery peak called Chulu Far East (6059m) 19880ft) may also be attempted from this approach. There exists considerable confusion with regard to the name and location of the Chulu peaks and what summit actually constitutes Chulu West and Chulu East, since it is soon becomes apparent to anyone that has climbed in the range that several other summits close by, which are actually part of the Chulu massif, are not indicated on present maps of the area. For the sake of clarification, four summits can be included in the Chulu group, two of which are possible on the permit for Chulu West and two on the Chulu East permit. What is apparent is that the available trekking map is highly misleading.

Peak Climbing Itinerary

Days 01: Drive to Khudi, camp
Days 02: Trek to Ghermu Phant, camp
Days 03: Trek to Chyamje, camp
Days 04: Trek to Dharapani, camp
Days 05: Trek to Chame, camp
Days 06: Trek to Pisang, camp
Days 07: Trek to Ngwal, camp
Days 08: Trek to Chulu east base camp, camp
Days 09: Rest at Chulu east base camp, camp
Days 10: Ascend to Chulu East High camp, camp
Days 11: Additional day Days 12 : Summit Chulu East and return to base camp, camp
Days 13: Trek to Hunde, camp
Days 14: Trek to Bhratang, camp
Days 15: Trek to Bagarchhap, camp
Days 16: Trek to Jagat, camp
Days 17: Trek to Ngadi, camp
Days 18: Trek to Bensisahar, camp
Days 19: Drive back to Kathmandu, Hotel
Days 20: Free day in Kathmandu, Hotel

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