Rolwaling Trekking

Rolwaling TrekkingThis valley borders with Khumbu region to the East, the Helambu region to the West and the arid Tibetan Plateau to the North This isolated high valley "Rolwaling" known simply as "the grave" by the indigenous Sherpa's because of its location -deep down between the steep ice-giants of t he Khumbu region.

Many mysterious stories have been passed down over the centuries about this valley from where the f orefathers of the present-day Sherpa's once came. It is here that the notorious and celebrated Yeti is supposed to make his home. Entire research expeditions have, so far unsuccessfully

Trekking Itinerary

Day 01: KTM / Barabise (by bus)
Day 02: Barabise / Kabre (1605 m.)
Day 03: Kabre / Dolangsa
Day 04: Dolangsa / Bigu Gompa (2310 m.)
Day 05: Bigu Gompa / Chilangka (1923 m.)
Day 06: Chilangka / Dulong (1890 m.)
Day 07: Dulong / Shalu (1500 m.)
Day 08: Shalu / Simi gaon (2000 m.)
Day 09: Simi gaun / Forest cam (2800 m.)
Day 10: Forest camp / Beding (3694 m.)
Day 11: Rest at Beding
Day 12: Beding / Na (4100 m.)
Day 13: Explore around Na
Day 14: Na / Forest camp
Day 15: Forest camp / Chet chet (1500 m.)
Day 16: Chet chet / Chetre (1000 m.)
Day 17: Chetre / Dolakha (950 m.)
Day 18: Dolakha / Charikot (2000 m.)
Day 19: Charikot / KTM by bus.

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