Timal Trekking

Timal Trekking is a non-tourist area and less crowded, with Tamang Buddhist placess but a very splendid one. Timal Trekking takes you to Thulo Sailung (3100 m), its highest elevation, from where you will see a vast Himalayan range from Makalu to Dhaulagiri . In additional, this is the only trek from where you will have a glimpse of Tarai - the lowland of Nepal as well as the world's highest - Mt. Everest (8848 m).While trekking in this area, we walk high up on spectacular ridges in an area inhabited by Tamangs - an indigenous Buddhists community whose religion is a fusion of Buddhist Lamaism and the Shamanist Bon culture. Buddhist Means that Only about the Tamangs culture. We know that Lama was come form the Tibet. Not only the lama as well tmang also from the Tibet but Tamang have their own tradition in this Tamang Culture. It is common for a village to have a Lama and a Jhankri (Shaman). Except Tamang, you will have encountered with different ethnic people and experience about socio-economic situation, life-style, and their professions. Moreover, the main attraction of this area is, it gives a wide range of exploration to the trekkers. The itinerary can be short and long.we will take you to Bholung Trekking if your holiday duration is enough where you can see the A Real Pahari society , culture, custom as well as their traditional manner. Timal is name as a Tamang religious so in this Timal Village mostly Tmang people live and also with Brahamanas, Chetre, Magar, Damai, Kame also…

Timal Adventure Trekking”s  professonal trekking guide will take you to Bholung village with passing the Thulo Parsel Villge showing with Tamang Tradation in this All villages. Timal trekking is not only for the Himalayan scenery, it's landscape , green forest and mixed culture and with Great Tamang History make to you life time unforgetable experience. With Tamang Culture in Timal Village…

Timal Trekking Itinerary I

Day 01: Excurison Kathmandu city with Swyambhunath, Pasupatinath, Bauddhanath, Durbar squire.
Day-02: Kathmandu to Phalate Danda
Day-03: Phalate Danda to Vimsen Than
Day -04: Vimsen Than to Arubot Village
Day 05: Arubot village to Thulo Parsel
Day-06: Acclimatization day in Thulo Parsel, big Village with tamang Tradation with different caste, with Buddhist monastry and Hindu Temple.
Day-07: Thloa parsel to Kot Timal
Day-08: Kot Timal to Namobuddha. 10 Minutes climb up and see this view of the Timal village And the Enjoy with Big Monastry with old Buddhist placeses.
Day-09: Namobuddha to Walk to Panauti and drive to Kathmandu

Timal Trekking Itinerary II

Day 01 Tour guide will take to you around Katmandu valley sightseeing and preparation for Timal trekking..
Day 02 : Katmandu to by Bus to Mude Bazaar
Day 03 : Mude Bazar to walk Khola Khark
Day 04 : Khola Khark to Dhormba Gompa
Day 05 : Dhormba Gompa to Bag Dhunga
Day 06 : Bag Dhunga to Gurase bhanjyang
Day 07 : Gurase Bhanjyang to Bholung Village
Day 08 : Bholung village to Chapkhore
Day 09 : Chapkhore to Kottimal
Day 10 : Kottimal to Namobuddha
Day 11 : Namobuddha to Walk to Panauti and take to Kathmandu.

Chaubas Panorama Bholung village & Timal Narayanthan trekking Itinerary:

Day 01: Arrival in kathmandu 1334m,
Day 02: Kathmandu to Phalate Danda
Day 03: Phalate Danda to Chaubas village 2100m.
Day 04: Chubas village trek to Bholung Village 915m.
Day 05: Acclimatization day or Excursion around Bholung village .During this day you can hike in pahari village where you will see/enjoy with their tradition .
Day 06: Bholung village to ThuloParsel 1833m.
Day 07: Chapkhore to Kot Timal.
Day 08: Kot timal to Namobuddha 1967m..
Day 09: Namobuddha to Walk to Panauti and take Transfer to Kathmandu.

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