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  • Peak climbing.
  • Local Sightseeing.
  • Lhasa tour.
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  • White water Rafting.
  • Wild life and Jungle safari.
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Well-come to Nepal- The land of natural beauty and the land of the highest mountain SAGARMATHE {Mt. Everest 8848 m.} in the world. Our propose is to offer you the best service to enable you to have an enjoyable trek & memorable experience in Nepal. You can find here plenty of beautiful views of the Himalayas ranges, gorges, valleys, natural lakes, natural caves, mysteries, legends, pagoda style temple, stupas and monasteries. Those who have once visited Nepal feel like visiting again again…

This experience is one you will never forget. Here you will find that many of your ideas, beliefs and thoughts about life will be changed. You will never again be the same person. Walking and the climbing in the Himalayas, Rafting on the rivers, exploring the jungle or meeting the Nepalese with their unfailing hospitality, you will be refreshed both outwardly and inwardly…

Another outstanding characteristic of the Nepalese is their capacity for sharing.  It is not difficult to develop friendship here and one very good opportunity is available when you hire any guides, cooks or porter to help you with your holiday. It is a family experience. These people are all ‘sisters’ and ‘brother’ together. If your fortunate enough , you may even spend sometime in the village sharing in the life and culture of  one of the many different peoples of Nepal. This sharing quality is a result of their compassion for their fello man which is innate. This makes for a peaceful, hard working & happy way of life, in spite of what many forgners see as great difficulties. Travel can be positive force in the world full or conflict and crises. It can promote peace and understand rather then contributing to culture & environmental degredation. Because a peaceful solution can be found for almost any problem here, we decided to name or company- TIMAL ADVENUTRE TREKKING {P} LTD.